Condition/A Word about our Merchandise

We spend a little time cleaning our bits and oiling the leather tack, but we don't take things apart and clean or condition the nooks and crannies.  

Here's how we assess the condition:

Fair - it's going to have a few warts - leather may be a little cracked and dirty, metal might have a little surface corrosion.  Boots will show some wear but the Velcro still works.  We believe it's usable and it's priced Cheap. We get stuff in we just toss in the garbage, this stuff is better than that.

Good - Leather tack, Boots and Bits might have a blemish or two, some wear and tear, but you'll get a lot of use out of if.

Very Good - You can tell it's been used, but barely.  Looks almost as good a new.

Excellent or Nearly New - You have to look hard to see that it's been used.

New - To our brief glance, it doesn't appear to have been used.


If you get it in the mail and you disagree, just send it back.  See our warranty and disclaimer information at the bottom of the front page.